Construction was accredited to the civil engineering company "Piramida" from Zagreb, and it did the job very professionally thanks to its experienced staff, especially Mr Fuad Trumić, BSc of Civil Engineering, who has lead the project. "Piramida" has been present on the Croatian market since 1992. The company offers all services in connection to the construction of all types of civil engineering work in building construction and civil engineering. It employs 30 people, along with the cooperants. "Piramida" has had a long and successful relationship with the civil engineering company GIP Pionir for 12 years, one of the leading civil engineering companies in Croatia, in the execution of various construction works (mainly business and apartment buildings). In the past 15 years they have executed construction works on various building objects and on private houses and urban villas („turnkey system“). They are followed by a yearlong experience and full mechanization required for the execution of high quality works, and their business philosophy is based on quality and conscientious execution of all works.

Location, dimensions, features

The accomodation and residence building – apartments P+2 are built on the cadastral plots No. 3476/1-3379/199 and 3379/81-3379/138. The height of the cornice from the hill of the treated terrain is 9,80 meters. The lot area is 1700 square meters (m2) and total gross building area is 1500 square meters (m2). There are 24 apartments in two buildings, 12 in each building. Each building has two entrances and two stairways. Four two-bedroom apartments are situated on each floor: the ground floor, first and second floors (cca 48m2 do 58m2). Each apartment is provided with one parking space, one being reserved for the disabled persons.

Construction, finishing works and furnishing

Foundations and supporting walls are made of concrete of the strength 30 - partially in a double-sided plate. Horizontal fork tie beams are built in the foundations and reinforced with 4 Ø 14 mm, and the horizontal ones with 4 Ø 12 mm. Concrete walls are built with the 20 and 25 centimeters thick bricks. Vertical tie beams are built in the joints of the concrete walls and reinforced with 4 Ø 14 mm, and the horizontal ones with 4 Ø 12 mm. The ceiling and roof construction are constructed from the ready-made „Fert“ beams and the brick cartridges 14+6 cm thick. On the ranges of more than 3.00 m one bracing is concreted, and two bracings are concreted on more than 6.00 m and reinforced with 3 Ø 12 mm. The terrace panels and canopy are built from 18 cm thick reinforced concrete of the strength 30. In order to protect against water penetration, insulation is placed on ab terrace panels and canopy, on which the concrete and the final coating is built in where needed (ceramic tiles in the building glue). Two reinforced-concrete stairways tiled with granite are built for the vertical communication. The front walls are thermally insulated with the styrofoam and finished with the siliceous cement of the type "Baumit. PVC or colored aluminum doors and windows are installed on the openings. Tiles of the type "Mediteran" are placed on the sloping roof plates. Easy to maintain high quality floor is constructed in every room of the building. High quality ceramic tiles are built in the bathroom and kitchen floors, and the stone tiles are built in the stairways. Parquet is built in the other rooms of the apartments (namely, bedrooms). High-quality ceramic tiles are built in the kitchen and bathrooms walls 2.00 meters high. Other walls and ceilings are painted with the dispersive paint colors that allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

Installations and environment

The installations of power line, water supply system and phone lines are connected to the public infrastructure according to current regulations. Waste water pipes are attached to the waterproof septic tank, which includes a connection to the future sewage system. The building will be heated via electrical converters. Fence walls are built from the refracted stones and 60-80 cm high. Access roads, pedestrian paths and parking lots are covered with concrete blocks in 10 cm thick concrete layer. Separate chamber is built in the fence wall for temporary disposal of domestic waste. Gardens will be planted later, and the vegetation will be planted according to the special environmental project.